Malia Luna

Let us take a journey through time...

Long before ancient mysteries were veiled in mist, and humans began to forget how they are dreaming...

When we knew ourselves as people of the Earth, descended from the stars, and the mystical and the magical was a living thread; carried and woven into diverse tapestries of culture...

When the mysteries were tended in honey-comb temples and the world of spirit was not separate from the human realm...


 We arrive In the deepest caverns of memory 

Where art making is a way to divine and articulate the messages of realms unseen...

To not only interpret dreaming, but to carry it forward into an actualized creation-

a living technology

One that catalyzes a process of alchemy, through which conscious co-creation with primordial life force is possible. 


Shapes and symbols are transportive, evocative, and alive. They act as bridges betwixt worlds- portals through which subtle mystical energies may enter and emanate through. They become tools of shamanism, facilitating the movement and transmutation of energies, as well as a moving deeper into- keys that open doors of consciousness.


Human beings have an inherent relationship with shapes and symbols. A relationship that has been expressed by and through the body in many various ways. 

More specifically, the sacred art of tattoo has been a foundational practice amongst Earth people since the deepest of time. Emerging, perhaps, from even deeper time, ( carried by beings of other realms ), the wisdom of tattoo is rich in potential. 


I have often spoken about ceremonial tattooing as the weaving of spirit and matter, and a way to catalyze prayer into being. The act of sewing ink into flesh is to literally imbue the recipient with spiritual energies and to actualize intention and facilitate alchemy through the powerful and multi-dimensional container of the human body. 


Tattoo ceremony is a deeply rooted magical practice, anchored and fed by a great many traditions and lineages that have cultivated the sacred art form throughout time. 

From these deep and ancient roots of origin, comes my own remembrance of tattoo. 


I offer tattoo ceremony as activating and transformative medicine.

To learn more about this process, follow this link to my page titled Tattoo Ceremony



My name is Malia Luna

Thank you for visiting this space and taking time to explore the depth of possibility that intentional and ceremonial art making offers. 

Realizing the transformative and creative potential of art made in ritual space is a passion of mine, and I am grateful to be able to tend that space so often, alongside many beautiful souls. 


I began tattooing in the midst of some of my deepest healing (several years ago), at a time when my entire world was dissolving and re-birthing- The deeper I went, the more space opened within me and the remembrance of the art form as a transformative and shamanic practice was a clear stream, pooling into the wells of my heart. 

The ceremonial tattoo process has taken many forms, as I explored the realm of possibility of this deeply mystical and at times, miraculous art form. It has been a foundation of my self-care practice, as I began to, quite literally, stitch myself together- soul to flesh, through prayer and ink and ritual. 

My tattoo practice and other creative work deliciously unfolds, as my awareness of what is possible expands and spirit continues leading me through the fertile darkness. 

Transformative sound, the art of magical singing, and a channeled language of ancient, universal, and multi-cultural origin are foundational aspects of the alchemical work that I offer. For a deeper understanding of the tattoo ceremony process, follow this link. 

To experience and learn more about my collaborative ceremonial  sound project called Madula Hara, with friend and fellow artist David Stout, follow this link. 

Current tattoo travel dates

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March 6th - 13th 2020

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April 16th - 21st 

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Yuma county, AZ

April 24th-26th

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